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Feven + Laurence :: my people are your people ~ Eritrean Wedding Reception


“My people are your people, and your people are my people.” I felt chills (standing outside in full sun on a day with a heat index of 107 degrees) hearing Feven and Laurence’s minister speak these words. TRUTH! Love binds us, not just one person to another, but to our ever widening circles of families, friends, towns, entire peoples. It’s why I photograph weddings: to document, to feel, to be immersed in these moments of both deep and expansive connections. And full disclosure: the food’s pretty delicious, too!

Speaking of food: on Sunday, Feven’s family served up one of the most delicious meals that I’ve ever eaten. A traditional Eritrean wedding occurs over two days. Day one for Feven and Laurence was on Saturday, with their wedding ceremony on the lawn of a friend’s home.

Feven’s family then hosted a Melsi, to celebrate traditional Eritrean customs, on the second day; hence this second blog post with another set of pictures. The Eritrean customs on Sunday included welcoming Feven and Laurence into the reception with a big dance, surrounded by their guests. Next up: an Eritrean feast. Incredibly delicious! Afterwards, the women in Feven’s family prepared a coffee ceremony, using a small, beautifully decorated, portable cart, complete with burner and shelves (Feven, what is the story behind this lovely cart, and how did it get to Columbia? I can just imagine someone in your family finding an ingenious way to pack it onto an airplane!). Guests were invited to smell and approve of the aroma of the roasted beans before Laurence and Feven were served coffee from a pottery jug called a jebena (I did a little research!).

After coffee, Laurence was coached through the proper technique of splitting the Ambasha (an Eritrean bread used in celebrations) with the outer edge of his hand before it was offered to guests. Throw in some sewa (an Eritrean drink), a few Memphis dance moves, and a basketball court as a setting, and you’ve got a perfect merging of Laurence and Feven’s worlds.

Congratulations, Feven & Laurence, and all your people, on a delightful 2-day celebration of your new marriage.



~ kim

Feven + Laurence :: Married (in Columbia, Memphis and Eritrean Wedding style)!


Family came from around the world (including Memphis, Tennessee: Seattle, Washington; Germany; and Eritrea!) to celebrate with Laurence and Feven. With smiles as wide as the ocean that her parents crossed to be here, Feven and Laurence said their vows, pumped their fists and tied the knot. Lots more to say about this incredible wedding, but I think I’ll do it in a SECOND blog post. Feven’s family hosted an Eritrean reception the following day. So I’ll say more tomorrow when I post those pictures to the blog. Right now, Feven and Laurence are eager to see some pictures, so here are a few favorites….scroll through and ENJOY. And I want to give a big thanks to Annika and Drew (who both made amazing pictures which are scattered throughout this blog post) and to the other vendors who gave it their all and helped Feven and Laurence celebrate in big and beautiful style!


Feven + Laurence :: Columbia, MO

. . . . . . . . . . .

ceremony venue • Gadbois Private Residence

event planning Anne Churchill, Annabelle Events

reception venue • Peachtree Catering & Banquet Center

cake • Edith Hall Cakes

flowers • Busch’s Florist and Greenhouse

wedding stationery • Hoot Design Co

transportation White Knight

DJ Safari Sound

bridal gown  • Low’s Bridal & Formal, Arkansas

bridesmaid dresses  • Alfred Angelo

makeup  • Aesthetic Studio

hair • Erin, The Look Hair Salon

menswear • Vera Wang

lodging • The Tiger

reception decor • A-1 Party & Event Rental

photographers Kim Wade, Annika Miller, Drew Piester, SilverBox Photographers




~ kim

Lorri Clark Murray - Awesome photographs of a clearly joyous event.August 19, 2015 – 8:39 pm

Catherine + Hector :: married!

0371Amazing wedding! Amazing couple! Amazing families! Catherine and Hector have stolen my heart. These two are simply wonderful . . . generous, kind, poised, full of delight and love for one another. So many highlights from their wedding: loved ones who traveled all the way from Mexico; a slideshow during the reception that had the crowd laughing from start to finish; a mountain of friends who were clearly having as much fun as Cat & Hector; possibly the MOST delicious wedding dinner (lobster AND steak!); and special touches from Mexico, including ceramic bells, candy, and papel picado banners. Happy HAPPY wedding day!

Cat + Hector :: Columbia, MO

. . . . . . . . . . .

ceremony venue • First Baptist Church

ceremony music • Kansas City String Quartet

event planning Anne Churchill, Annabelle Events

reception venue Kristi McCann, Columbia Country Club

cake • Pohlman’s Create-a-Cake

flowers Kent’s Floral Gallery

wedding stationeryPaper Daisies Stationery

transportation White Knight

DJ • Aaron Rose

bridal gown  • La Raine’s Bridal Boutique, Atlanta

bridesmaid dresses  • David’s Bridal

hair • Blanc Studio

menswear • Men’s Wearhouse

lodging • The Broadway

reception decor • A-1 Party & Event Rental

photographers Kim Wade & Annika Miller, SilverBox Photographers


~ kim

SilverBox Seniors celebrates 5 years!


Can you believe it?! We’ve hit a milestone and want to shout THANK YOU from the rooftops to you, our fabulous clients and fans. SilverBox Seniors is celebrating 5 years in business, while SilverBox Photographers just skipped its way into its second decade!

We want to shower you with a few of Annika’s favorite things (ahem, pie and pictures, just to name a few…) to express our gratitude for your support, business, word-of-mouth referrals, and enthusiasm for our success. Starting Monday, August 3, we will be hosting a daily giveaway that could have your name on it. Join in on the daily (x5!) challenges on Facebook and Instagram to help us celebrate five years of business!

emily + adam :: engaged!


Congrats to Emily and Adam, engaged and all set for a November wedding! We made stops at Rock Bridge State Park (where Adam proposed!) and downtown in front of Columbia’s very own Yellow Dog Bookshop, ’cause Emily loves books. Adam was a groomsman in one of SilverBox’s earliest weddings (when his sister, Megan, married Ben!!!), and he’s brought Emily to Missouri. Welcome to Columbia, Emily, we are SO LUCKY and SO HAPPY to have you here!






Bree + Craig :: disco + donuts = wedding day bliss!


It’s time for a SilverBox Top Ten! Drumroll please . .

10 Reasons Why We LOVED Bree and Craig’s Wedding

1. Craig’s letter to Bree that had Bree and her friends laughing and crying simultaneously.

2. Venues that were all within walking distance (so much fun, ’cause walking meant more time hanging out with friends and less time driving around in vehicles!).

3. Lots of hugging. The outdoor receiving line made for great (and well-lit) moments (which lead to fun pictures) of Bree and Craig getting hugs from all their guests.

4. Differently colored bridesmaids’ dresses . . . so lovely!

5. The special arrangement of rectangular AND round tables at the reception looked fantastic and helped guests mingle more (high fives, Annabelle Events, for this very cool design!)

6. Live disco! WOW! Just WOW!

7. A donut bar! (“blank” donuts with choose-your-own topping AND two utterly unique donuts named “the craig” and “the bree,” specially created by Harold’s Donuts for this night). Unbelievably YUMMY!

8. A father-daughter dance (or one big bear hug set to music) that had entire tables of guests moved to tears.

9. A SilverBox photo booth with props supplied by Craig and Bree that was its own party within a party!

10. And best of all: Bree and Craig! It was a treat just watching these two together . . . so much laughing! I think that’s may just be the secret ingredient to a pretty great marriage. Congrats, Bree and Craig!

And guess what? We’ve documented all this below. Scroll down to see JUST what I mean!

17_0151Bree + Craig :: Columbia, MO

. . . . . . . . . . .

ceremony venue • First Baptist Church

event planning • Annabelle Events

reception venue • Kimball Ballroom

catering  Fresh Ideas

cake • Hy-Vee

donuts  Harold’s Donuts

flowers • Hy-Vee

wedding stationary • Hoot Design Co

calligraphy • Inkling

band • Disco Dick and the Mirrorballs

bridal gown  • Victoria’s Bridal

bridesmaid dresses  • David’s Bridal

hair & makeup  • The Clip Joint

menswear • Men’s Wearhouse

men’s accessories • Woody’s Gentlemen’s Clothiers

photographers Kim Wade, Annika Miller, Drew Piester, SilverBox Photographers





~ Kim, Annika, Drew