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Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Baby Hannah is one whole year old. And . . . drum roll . . . she’s walking! I love getting pictures of a family at this stage, when mom & dad’s arms are outstretched as baby gets used to being upright. It won’t be long before Hannah is RUNNING! It has been such a treat watching her grow . . . here she is at seven months and as a newborn. THANK YOU,  SilverBox bride and groom, Jennifer + David, for letting SilverBox be part of Hannah’s life from the very beginning!


catherine + michael :: wedding day!

Have you ever looked at a photograph and found your own face taking on the exact same expression as the person in the picture? I catch myself doing that all the time; if the person is smiling, I smile right back! That’s the power of a photograph: to create a mood and cause us to FEEL. Those feelings show up on our faces. That must be why I smiled and laughed practically the entire time I edited Michael and Catherine’s wedding pictures. The day was joyous, intimate . . . a HAPPY HAPPY celebration of family. Just look at the expressions on everyone faces, from babies to grandmas! THANK YOU, Catherine and Michael for allowing us to photograph your wedding AND your amazing families.

There are so many great memories from that day . . . many of them centered on HUGS: friends hugging one another; both Catherine’s and Michael’s mothers hugging their grandchildren; Catherine hugging her nieces; Michael’s father hugging his grandson; and everyone hugging grandma.

Another memory that has stuck with me was the toast by Catherine’s father. He admired Michael’s skill as a tinkerer and remembered Michael telling him once, “Don’t worry, I can fix that!” Catherine’s dad was grateful for that quality in his daughter’s husband, and to that I say, “Hurray!” Yes! That is EXACTLY what we hope our own children nurture in themselves and find in their future partners . . . the ability to create, to fix, to mend, to build.

Catherine + Michael :: Columbia, MO

. . . . . . . . . . .

ceremony & reception • Senior Hall ~ Stephens College

officiant Don Thalhuber

ceremony music • Mike Bancroft, John Perkins

flowers Allen’s Flowers

catering Fresh Ideas

photographers Kim Wade & Annika Miller, SilverBox Photographers

~Kim & Annika

silverbox wedding couple abbie & justin featured on Offbeat Bride blog!

Remember Abbie and Justin who were married in October at The Bridge? (Theirs was the disco lit ceremony led by a trivia quizmaster and held on the stage of The Bridge, followed by an evening of good eating from a taco food truck and crowd pleasing, rockin’ karaoke. Click For a refresher, click here for our SilverBox Blog feature on their wedding).

Good news! Fun news! Abbie and Justin’s wedding has just been featured on Offbeat Bride’s blog, a great resource for couples planning weddings. The Offbeat Bride describes itself as:

“a blog updated daily with tons of “wedding porn” (photos from real people’s really offbeat weddings), advice, and inspiration for couples who are working their asses off to create authentic weddings full of intention and personality. It’s now our pleasure to serve up inspiration for over 700,000 readers every month.”

We’re pretty excited at SilverBox to have our pictures on this blog! SO relive Abbie and Justin’s super, memorable wedding on the Offbeat Bride by clicking here.