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ginny + david :: win-your-wedding winners!

Drum roll please. We are SO EAGER to share pictures from our recent win-your-DIY-wedding Texas adventure with the delightful Ginny + David. Working together on this wedding with the talented Kristen of Hoot Design Co and Natalie of The Bridal Solution, was a SilverBox dream come true! We didn’t meet Ginny and David until right […]

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ginny + david :: win-your-wedding sneak peek!

A photo overview of our recent win-your-DIY-wedding Texas adventure with the delightful Ginny + David. Working together on this wedding with the talented Kristen of Hoot Design Co and Natalie of The Bridal Solution, was a SilverBox dream come true! We’ve posted a few visuals here to savor. Check back after Thanksgiving for LOTS more […]

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the official D.I.Y win-your-wedding WINNERS are . . . ginny + david!

After weeks of reading through wonderful wedding applications AND oodles of comments from the contestants’ loved ones, we have reached a tough (it’s hard not to want to choose ALL our applicants) decision. We are THRILLED to announced that the winning couple of our D.I.Y Win-Your-Wedding contest are (drumroll here): Ginny + David . . […]

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beth + blake :: DIY Win Your Wedding Finalists

one winning couple is about to receive over $10,000 in wedding services (including event planning, stationery design and photography)! we received oodles of delightful applications for our Win Your Wedding contest. it’s been fun reading about couples’ visions for their weddings, and ooohing and aaahing over pinterest boards. we’ve decided to feature our finalists (in […]

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joy - While I don’t know beth and blake, and I am also in this contest, I hate that every time we have yet to see any comments posted for this couple!! There was a strangers comment for Jon and I and it only seems right to root for another the couple in this, and give a little pay-it-forward love!! That being said, here’s wishing the best of forever you two! Your pinterest boards are great (i even repinned a few for myself!) and I dont doubt that you could be any less deserving than any of the couples who are in this!! Much luck from your fellow missourian!!April 30, 2012 – 10:54 pm

joy + jon ~ D.I.Y. Win Your Wedding finalists

one winning couple is about to receive over $10,000 in wedding services (including event planning, stationery design and photography)! we received oodles of delightful applications for our Win Your Wedding contest. it’s been fun reading about couples’ visions for their weddings, and ooohing and aaahing over pinterest boards. we’ve decided to feature our finalists (in […]

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lauren michelle - Joy and joy are such a great couple! They could make any other couple envious of the love you feel when your around them!April 23, 2012 – 11:20 pm

Katelyn Baron - I’ve known Joy for seven years and she has continuously been a loving, loyal friend. I am so thankful that she has found the love of her life in Jon and that he loves her back! They deserve to have the wedding of their dreams and everything else that they desire. I cannot wait for their beautiful wedding! They’re the best!!!!!April 23, 2012 – 11:26 pm

Dale Morgan - They absolutely and totally deserve this prize because they perfectly match each other. In addition, they both are completely self-sufficient and hard working people, which means their wedding has to come out of pocket for them.

They’ve already invested hundreds of hours in planning, design, and decoration for their wedding.

Winning this would allow them to celebrate their marriage in a matter of months, removing the stress and burden of having to wait until enough money is saved to fund the most important day of their lives.

They’re good people who have always been there for others and as they have provided for others after all these years, I think it’s time for Silverbox to take the same Pay-It-Forward approach to a couple who follows the same type of mentality day in and day out.April 24, 2012 – 12:32 am

Kayla Berry - I have known Joy and Jon since Senior year! They have gone through so much together! I know that Joy and Jon are definitely soul mates. They have wanted to get married ever since I have known them,but funding it has always gotten in the way. This opportunity would make their wedding day happen so much sooner! They have been waiting so long to be able to have their big day and start their lives together. They deserve this! They are the most wonderful friends and BOTH of them have been there for me. They are so giving and are always willing to help people! It would be great for them to recieve the same kind of generosity they always show!April 24, 2012 – 9:21 am

April Reese - Joy and Jon are such a great couple and deserve this more than anyone I could ever think of. There love for each other has always shown through, in the good or the bad times! They were obviously made for one another! Together they have always had a go get’em work ethic and when it comes to this wedding, it is no exception! They have put so much time and effort into it, it would be a real shame to not pick them for this prize, I truly believe my friends are the most deserving couple!April 24, 2012 – 11:17 am

Jay - My sister and future brother-in-law are the hardest working couple I know. Always giving to those that need help, making time for friends or family no matter how busy their lives get. She’s a brilliant artistic soul matched to a fantastic ingenious mind. They wanted nothing else but a fun wedding that will be remembered forever without putting a strain on anyone’s wallet. If anyone deserves to have a helping financial hand, its these two! There are so many people they have helped out if holes and provided for, I think its their turn for someone to help them have their dream wedding!!April 24, 2012 – 3:11 pm

Stephanie - I have known Joy literally all of my life; and Jon for the time they have been together. They are a wonderful and loving couple. They are also an extremely hard working couple who deserve to have a stress free wedding.April 24, 2012 – 3:30 pm

Julie - Jon and Joy do deserve this. They have waited so long and put so many others in front of their plans. Give them tis wedding.April 25, 2012 – 5:37 am

Melissa Ranck - Joy and John are an awesome young couple. The love and respect they have for each other could be an amazing lesson to us all!!April 25, 2012 – 7:47 am

Lawrence Barcelona - If ever a couple were made for each other, Joy and Jon are the ones! Whenever they are together they naturally light up the room, so loving, so caring and oh so representative of the perfect couple!April 25, 2012 – 7:57 am

Emily Crouch - I remember when Joy & Jon first started dating in high school. Watching their relationship grow has been the most amazing thing to experience. Both put each other before themselves, showing a truly selfless love. They’re not afraid to be themselves around each other, and I believe this joy and love should shine through into how their Big Day is planned and looks. They’ve already put hundreds of hours into planning this wedding, and to see their dreams come true for their wedding would be the most amazing thing for the couple, their family, and friends.April 25, 2012 – 10:38 am

chandler - I have known Jon for my whole life and have been bestfriends. I have known joy for 10 year know. Ever sence Jon and joy met for the first time me and Jon new they where perfect for each other. When they told me they where getting married I knew that it was there right thong to do.April 25, 2012 – 11:14 am

Kim - I have known Jon & Joy for close to 3 years. Joy truly lives up to her name as she is such a joy to have around. Jon is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He absolutely loves Joy as much as she loves him. They are perfect for each other and compliment each other’s personalities. Seeing them together gives you the personification of the phrase “two halves of one whole”. They deserve to have the wedding of their dreams as they are always there for the people in their lives.April 25, 2012 – 6:37 pm

Beth - Jon and Joy are such a WONDERFUL couple! I love how they are a so in love. I don’t know two harder working people who deserve this more. Good luck guys!!!!April 25, 2012 – 6:49 pm

shaun - Jon and joy do everything together, well mostly everything, they’re great friends and an even better couple, no two people deserve it more than they do!April 25, 2012 – 7:37 pm

DeAnna - I have just had these two brought into my life. From the moment I met Jon and Joy, you could tell that they were the perfect match for one another. But these two are not just great as a couple they are wonderful people as individuals also. These to deserve their perfect dream wedding.April 25, 2012 – 11:14 pm

eden - Ive known joy and jon for years now, joy was my best friend in highschool and a couple years after. When my son was born i knew joy and jon would be the perfect people to care for him if anything were to happen to me or jacobs dad. When jaco was born i saw the look in their eyes, it was love at first sight. for years all joy ever talked about was her wedding to jon and their lives together afterwards. I believe with out a doubt that they both deserve it. Shes hardworking, caring and a wonderful God mother. Jon is humble, kind and also a wonderful God parent. I would not pick anyone else in this world to take on that role for my family. they both deserve thisApril 25, 2012 – 11:31 pm

Adam - I’ve known Jon for a little over 2 years now. He’s one of the nicest and most honest people I’ve met, and he’s constantly putting others before himself. He scratches to make ends meet. I’ve known Joy for about 6 months, and although we haven’t known each other long, the many times we’ve hung out and gone on double dates tells me that she is the perfect fit for Jon. They click so well as a couple, and just get the other. Regardless of if they win this contest, I’m glad to see two people so great for each other getting married.April 26, 2012 – 12:05 am

Zach - I’ve known Jonathan since I was nine. Throughout all these years I can truely say that he is one of the best friends you could ask for. Jon would literally do anything in his power to help someone out. This is something you don’t see very often in people these days.
I’ll never forget one summer quite a few years back I returned home from vacation and I received a text from Jon, telling me about how he had this girlfriend. Just like the way Jon always is he was short and to the point, “hey man, I got a girlfriend, her name is Joy, you should meet her sometime”.
Needless to say over the years I’ve gotten to know Joy very well, and I can say that she is a perfect match for Jonathan. Joy is such a nice and caring person, and most importantly I know she’s made one of my best friends the happiest guy in the world The way he is when he is around her, I can tell they are meant for each other. Jon and Joy have both been through a lot and life has many challenges in it, but they have always gotten through everything stronger and closer to each other. I honestly can’t think of any other couple who deserves this more than these two. Love ya guys.April 26, 2012 – 5:49 am

Bob Sturgeon - Joy is my niece and in the past couple of years has become my friend as well. I have watched Joy grow into a mature, self substaining young woman. She isn’t afraid to be herself and when she sees something she wants she goes after it. She is industrious and intelligent and funny. A combination that will serve her well in life. I love her and wish her the best of all things in life.

I do not know Jon very well but the time I have spent with him he has shown himself to be hardworking and totally devoted to Joy. I believe he will do well by Joy and together they will build a great life together. Having a DIY wedding is right up their alley since neither of them is a cookie cutter kind of person.

I hope they win a wedding because they are already winning in life. I love you Joy! Your Uncle BobbyApril 26, 2012 – 6:52 am

Kayla Berry - Joy and Jon are two of the best friends I have! They are so giving and so kind! I know they have wanted to get married for YEARS, but haven’t been able to because of budget. This would be such an awesome gift for such a wonderful couple!!!April 26, 2012 – 7:28 am

Harvey G. - Jon is my younger brother, Joy is my little sister-in-law and no, Jon and I don’t have the same parents,,,,I’m the same age as his parents. (smile) I met Joy through Jon and we’ve been family ever since. Here are some reasons why they should win: They help other people all of the time like it’s a happy job requirement. I know because I’m one of the ones that they helped. I was homeless and the day that God blessed me to leave the Men’s shelter,,Jon came to the hood and helped move me out in the same day. J & J invited me to spend a special holiday with their family,, they cooked,,we ate & I was sooo full and happy. They have taken me out to dinners & movies, at their expense and they drive a long way to come to get me and then they also bring me back. Jon also helped me move into my new place & Joy would call & talk with me. Joy helped a friend by letting her stay with her just because thats how they are. They help more people than most church people and I’m a serious church person. (smile) I think that if they did win(they reeeaalllly deserve it),,they would find a way to help someone else. That’s just the way Jon & Joy are and its a beautiful way to be. God bless you both!April 26, 2012 – 11:41 am

Rosemary Fesenmeyer - Joy and Jon totally deserve to win! They are a adorable couple that has worked very hard to make a life of their own. This would only solidify their hard work by giving them the wedding that they deserve! Vote for JON AND JOY!!!!April 26, 2012 – 12:22 pm

Bill - Jon is my son. All I can say is that I am very proud of the man that he has become. He is the most giving person that I know. He often will give when he doesn’t have the money to give. If he sees a need, he will do his best to see that it is met. He takes care of his grandparents anytime they need help and never asks or accepts any money from them. Joy also is very giving. She is always available when my wife needs her hair done even if she has other things to do. She has even cooked dinner for us several times when our schedule was full. Jon and Joy’s relationship reminds me alot of my relationship with my wife of 26 years. They love each other unconditionally and have alot of fun together. They are both very loyal to each other and I believe that their marriage will truly be til death do us part. If any couple deserves to win this contest, they are it. They have experienced alot of challenges along the way and have not asked anyone to help. It’s time for them to receive.April 26, 2012 – 9:02 pm

Ragan`` - I’ve known Joy since I was 6 years old and she’s always been my constant friend. She has dreamed of a beautiful wedding since we were teenagers. I remember the day she told me she was interested in Jon, almost 6 years ago. She deserves this, she deserves to have the perfect day. She is crafty and personable. She’s great at making thing from scratch and will try anything once. I’ve never seen her not try and accomplish though, she’s battled the odds of being young and in love and pulled through with wonders. Her and Jon are perfect for each other, I couldn’t think of a bad thing to say about either of them if I tried. I spend almost every day of my life with them and I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people more in love. They’re happy, functional, and meant for each other. I think they deserve this wedding because they have proved to so many people that “puppy love” can last. Joy will amaze you all with her craft skills and I’m sure I’ll be in on it all, crafting away. You can’t go anywhere with her without having to stop to see how some window piece is put together or what it’s made of or how she could do it at home. This girls got skills and she needs a chance to show em off, what better day than the day she marries the man of her dreams :)April 27, 2012 – 1:57 pm

Kaiya - I don’t personally know the couple but based off their awesome pinterest they should definitely win! She deserves this!April 27, 2012 – 5:13 pm

MK - JON & JOY. Where should I start? If Jon is not working one of three jobs in an effort to increase income to afford the cost of a wedding (one full time and two part time jobs), he is helping a stranded friend who’s car stopped on the highway at 11:00 at night, repairing the tractor for his elderly grandparents (at no cost to them), helping his future father-in-law fell a tree or driving down to Joplin, MO at 1:00 AM the night of the tornado last year to provide safe transportation for a friend’s wife. Jon has the heart of a champion and gives, gives, GIVES! His kindness and compassion for others is amazing. I have seen him forego a movie because he didn’t have enough cash after helping cover the cost of car repairs for a buddy or tell me he’s tired and ready for bed, but helps a friend’s friend move because they can’t afford a moving company. Jon is not lavish or financially irresponsible, but rather he is kindhearted, financially frugal and conscientious. His only wish is to provide the best that he can for his future bride and the wedding is no exception.

Joy continues to work two jobs (a full time job and a part time) to do her part in financial responsibility. She is at-the-ready for any needs of her family and friends. From dropping everything to take care of the needs of her parents and sister or in providing solace and a listening ear to a friend in need, Joy is there. With great pride, she continues her preparations for the wedding, with cost-consciousness at the forefront. Her dream of having a special day should be fulfilled.

Together, Jon and Joy have a life of fun and companionship ahead of them. Congratulations you guys. Keep up the good work!April 28, 2012 – 3:14 pm

Jody - Joy & Jon are 2 of the most hardest working young couples I have ever known. Each is doing their part to save, be creative, plan and strive to make their wedding day a cherished reality. Jon is an amazing, talented young man who works 3 jobs, yet always keeps his priorities in check. His ability to see a need and go for it, further demonstrates he has a strong work ethic that will carry him far in his life both as a husband, provider, and one day, a father. Joy is also working hard at 2 jobs. She illuminates an example of gentle strength, yet she too applies a tenacity to push on in challenging financial times. They both have learned and endured difficult times in their relationship, neither one wasteful, but rather very mindful of the costs for this wedding. If there is a couple who deserves this, that would be Jon & Joy. They are selfless and are always thinking of others, helping others, inspite of their own sacrifice at times. Jon & Joy are appreciative, caring, thankful, and an amazing couple who deserve a chance to have the wedding of their dreams. With all the hours of work they both are doing, this prize would grant them their special occasion… their wedding, and this would be a dream come true for them. April 29-2012April 29, 2012 – 8:31 pm

John Jarrett - John- I am Joy’s dad. In this economy, as difficult as it is, Jon & Joy’s desire is to pay for their own wedding. As hard as it is to save money, they willingly will help someone else, who has a need. They do this without asking anything in return. Even though they don’t have much, the sacrifice of their time is much more then any dollar figure. It is very gratifying from my perspective to see that charity is part of their character. This is why I believe they deserve to have a the wedding of their dreams. April 29- 2012April 29, 2012 – 9:03 pm

Jeremiah Stoneman - Jon and Joy are two extraordinary people that are more than deserving of being awarded as the winners of this contest. They are both very caring and selfless people who are more than willing of giving to and helping others over themselves. Regardless of who is selected, they will certainly have an extraordinarily special day shared with many family and close friends! I wish you two the best in your upcoming marriage and journey through life together!!!April 30, 2012 – 9:30 am

Elizabeth Stoneman - These are the two sweetest people I’ve ever met. My husband and Jon are great friends and I’ve had the honor of hanging out with them and I LOVE them!! They deserve this free wedding more than anyone I know. They are both kind hearted- and willing to help out anyone in need.April 30, 2012 – 9:42 am

Tiffany - I havent known joy for very long.But I can tell you what i do know.. she works hard at everything, she finishes what she starts, she goes above and beyond for everyone. she is amazing. I know she is beyond happy. They have found what everyone is looking for at some point in their lives, I dont think theres any competiotion, In my book they have already won the biggest reward of all. The amount of people on here that know how amazing they are not just towards one another but towards everyone is outstanding. They work hard to help family and friends, Its amazing what they are doing for their family. I dont know many people who work as hard as they do. I know they wont give up. And I know they deserve this. They deserve this because they are AMAZING, HARDWORKING, LOVING people.April 30, 2012 – 2:35 pm

Biz and Matthew - As Jon’s sister and brother-in-law, and recently married ourselves, we know first-hand that not only is marriage hard, but paying to be married is also taxing and difficult!
The couple that deserves to win this contest should be hard working for themselves and for others. Both of which is evident in Jon and Joy. They both work numerous jobs in order to support themselves, and they help others without asking for anything in return (as evidenced by all of the above comments!). They have helped us on numerous occasions despite their busy schedules and were never demanding of immediate repayment or favor returns. They always remain upbeat and willing to help anyone who asks without regard to any benefit they may or may not receive.
For those reasons, they clearly portray the selflessness, drive, and attitude that is most deserving of winning assistance in paying for the event that kicks off the best years of life! We really hope they are considered as the couple who should receive the repayment of all their good deeds by giving them the wedding they dream of! :)May 5, 2012 – 12:49 pm

ginny + david ~ D.I.Y Win Your Wedding finalists

one winning couple is about to receive over $10,000 in wedding services (including event planning, stationery design and photography)! we received oodles of delightful applications for our Win Your Wedding contest. it’s been fun reading about couples’ visions for their weddings, and ooohing and aaahing over pinterest boards. we’ve decided to feature our finalists (in […]

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missi weinhart - Ginny and David really deserve to win because they are the sweetest, most gorgeous couple ever who are so in love. Their wedding dream sounds beautiful and not over the top- down to earth, just like they are.April 19, 2012 – 1:40 pm

Julie Teemer - I vote Ginny and David!! Ginny deserves the wedding of her dreams. She has been the most caring nurse (and favorite) to my cancer kid and many other kids. She is genuine through and through. She doesn’t work her job but actually ministers to these sick kids by giving them JOY! Wagon rides, play dates, slushies, and big smiles. If I had the money I would give her the dream wedding but I don’t. So PLEASE pick Ginny and David! We want to partake in the down-home celebration. The sooner she gets married, the sooner she can have kids of her own to love on!April 19, 2012 – 2:19 pm

Ashley V - Yay Ginny and David!!April 19, 2012 – 3:34 pm

Di - This is one of the most sweet and hardworking couples I know! Rooting for them to win silver box blog’s contest to make it an even more memorable wedding!April 19, 2012 – 5:26 pm

Paola Galvan - Good luck!April 19, 2012 – 5:53 pm

elberto - I vote for ginny & david, awesome couple!April 19, 2012 – 5:54 pm

Marcus - I vote for Ginny and David!April 19, 2012 – 6:00 pm

Sayuri - They are the most amazing, caring, and kind couple and deserve the best wedding! they should definitely win!!!April 19, 2012 – 6:48 pm

Hallie Tang - they make a great couple! hope they win!April 19, 2012 – 7:22 pm

Maria - Yay Ginny and David!!! Good luck!April 19, 2012 – 9:12 pm

JeanLuc - This is what you call true amor? These two wonderful cheries are the perfect couple fors perfect wedding! The passion they share is more red than the wine I am drinking from my glass and the children, yes the children… they will be beautiful! Not picking this couple for the perfect wedding contest would be a travestie!April 19, 2012 – 10:49 pm

Rob H. - Good luck, Ginny and David.April 20, 2012 – 2:51 am

Tiffany - David’s my cousin and Ginny’s my future cousin…and I’m really excited that they are FINALLY getting married :] Please help make it awesome!April 20, 2012 – 6:15 pm

Lawrence L - omg \/\/ 0 \/\/ they definitely deserve to win.April 21, 2012 – 3:26 pm

Jennifer Tang - Im so excited for Ginny & David, they are both so genuine and sweet and would really deserve the wedding of their dreams. Their country chic theme is also too adorable!April 22, 2012 – 3:44 pm

Teresa - GO GINNY AND DAVID! Power couple!April 23, 2012 – 6:04 pm

Kristy - Ginny and David have endured thousands of miles apart. It would be great to see them be able to relax and enjoy their season of engagement. Rooting for all long distance couples out there!April 23, 2012 – 7:15 pm

Christina - Ginny and David’s beautiful relationship has survived long distance hurdles and continues to remain strong in their faith, hope and love with each other. They are the ideal couple who exude patience, love, trust, care and selflessness. I don’t know any other couple who deserves their dream wedding more than these two!April 25, 2012 – 6:24 am

Dennis - rooting for these twoApril 25, 2012 – 2:15 pm