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trolley trips & cartwheels on campus

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Each time I photograph a wedding, I discover yet another reason why I love this fast-paced, unpredictable, emotionally-rich work of wedding photojournalism.

Reason #78 (or thereabouts…) from Lori & BJ’s wedding: getting to see and document the ways in which couples honor their loved ones. Before putting on her own dress, Lori wore her grandmother’s wedding dress (sewn by Lori’s great-grandmother) and looked over this same grandmother’s wedding photo & handwritten notes (!), saved from her wedding day decades earlier.

What a gift to work with Lori & BJ, who are so undeniably and unabashedly in love with one another. And what a day they had!
-trolley rides around downtown Columbia, Missouri;
-getting featured on KOMU’s 10 o’clock news segment (he he) Click here to read “Wedding Party Rides in Style,” a summary of KOMU’s news story

-a stop for drinks at Flatbranch brewpub (where, incidentally, my husband, David, met his groomsmen on our wedding day 10 yrs and 11 mos ago);
-cartwheels on campus;
-meeting the elderly couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary right next door to Lori & BJ’s reception.



Congrats, Lori & Bj! And Leah Gallo, THANKS for putting your great photojournalism skills to use while assisting at this wedding!

destination wedding: mid-Missouri!

[album link no longer available] 

What a treat to photograph Kimberly & Geoffrey’s wedding! Being a Missouri girl through and through, I loved their choices of locations to give their guests a true Missouri experience:

– Friday’s Welcome Dinner at Kimberly’s folks’ home with a taste of several mid-Missouri goodies (Show Me barbecue sauce, Shake’s frozen custard…)

– a ceremony at The Church of St. Mary, Aldermanbury on Westminster College’s campus (the light-filled, airy church designed by Christopher Wren that was re-erected as a memorial to Winston Churchill in Fulton after being damaged in London during WWII)

– a feast on the blufftop at Les Bourgeois winery (ok, we ended up inside the winery with the views of the Missouri River obscured by a massive rainstorm), but you know, looking back through these pictures, I think the rain added to the warmth and coziness of the day.

And Kimberly, wow did you impress me with your grace and good humor! I will always remember your reaction to the prospect of getting from the church to the bus amidst this downpour on your wedding day: you laughed in the doorway, grabbed your guy and an umbrella and plunged into the rain, pausing en route to give your respects to Winston. That was class and Missouri-style grit!

While I doubt you’re getting homesick yet…I’m hoping, Kimberly & Geoffrey, that you get a chance to see this album while you’re still honeymooning (are there cybercafes in the Vatican? a parisian cafe?)

All the best ~kim

better together in tulsa . . .

[album link no longer available] 

Documenting Jess & Jill’s celebration marked a few FIRSTS for me:
– my 1st time to Tulsa
– 1st time to shoot a wedding without meeting face-to-face first
– 1st time [in 100+ weddings] it’s rained the entire time I was on location. SPECIAL NOTE on this one, though: sure can’t think of a more lovely place than their ceremony site if one’s going to be trapped inside for the day.

McBirney Mansion…marvelous! The Jones & Gosch families…just a hoot to be around. And speaking of good people to be around, Paul [my husband who is usually home with kids when I’m at a wedding…Zoe, age 6, has actually said “YEAH! alright!! mom’s outta here for a wedding, fun times ahead, right, dad?”] Where was I going with all this? Oh yeah, Paul came along to Tulsa, too! and HE did all the equipment packing & unpacking & umbrella holding. Come to think of it, though it rained SHEETS Saturday, I don’t think I even got wet. aaaah, thanks, honey!!!

Jill & Jess: what a fun and fabulous wedding!!…loved loved LOVED meeting you, your family & friends. ~ amy

ooooh, oh! PS: forgot a FIRST….Jess & Jill’s is the first coffee table album i’ve designed… [yes, i called kim about 40 times] … I LOVE this album, hey take a look:


a 9th street stroll in March…

Just finished the album from Kim & Andy’s March 18 wedding here in Columbia, Missouri.

Kim, you have my utmost admiration; you are as tough as you are beautiful! I still cannot believe your enthusiasm for walking along 9th Street in 40-some-odd degree weather on a recently broken foot (tucked inside those black sneakers!) just before tossing bouquets to your 35+ 2nd & 3rd graders (and all this BEFORE the wedding). You go girl!

And hats off to your mom, Bonnie, for sewing all 320 lovely chair covers herself (wow)!

Enjoy your honeymoon, Andy & Kim!

All the best
~ Kim

a SilverBox first ~ Su & Jason’s on-line album . . .

[album link no longer available] 
Su & Jason’s wedding was fabulous! What a unique combination of traditions from SINGAPORE (with Jason handing out red money-holding envelopes during a series of tasks & questions put to him by bridesmaids) and the quaint locale of WASHINGTON, MO (including that big red bus & a bit of barhopping ~ literally! ~ along the Missouri River).

by CLICKING HERE for Su & Jason’s brand new WEDDING ALBUM

This is the very first album we’ve posted in slideshow mode to the web. Whew!

Many thanks to Becca Young for her tireless and creative assistance in documenting the wedding.

AND a big hats off to Amy’s bass-playing brother-in-law, PARKER, and his new band, SOMETIMES THREE, for this just-recorded music (which you can download yourself by clicking on the music note icon as you watch the album’s unfolding story!) We are lucky indeed to be surrounded by such talent. ~ Kim

. . . and this is how we do it?

one of the really fun things about photography: there’s just always more to learn. In an EXCITING WAY, you know?! Is this how passions become one’s happy addictions? Hmmm…do people who golf every weekend or cook something up everytime that get a chance feel the same way? [And could those people who love the cooking part please move next door?] Back on track now. So here’s the thing. Kim & I have decided to, for the next 24 hours or so, ignore our families [a bit] and figure out if a web log might be a way to reach out to friends & family, to chat [even more!] with each other and just to share the excitement and EXHILARATION of making pictures. Not ready to go public with this yet, but looking forward to what awaits around the bend. ~amy

Sherry - I love your photography and your blog! I am a fellow photographer from Idaho and find inspiration in your work. I say keep up the blog! I’m thinking of starting one myself. (You must have attended Gary Fong’s seminar!!!) Awesome work girls!!!April 5, 2006 – 11:03 am