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Treat Yourself to a Flattering Headshot by SilverBox



Would you like fabulous HEADSHOTS that help YOU market YOU?

Whether you are a lawyer opening a new practice, an actress stepping into the spotlight, a small business owner creating a new on-line store front or . . . (insert YOUR passionate pursuit here) . . . you need headshots that you are proud to show the world! SilverBox is offering a limited number of headshot photo sessions on Thursday, April 16 and Friday, April 17.

Your HEADSHOT Session:

  • lasts 20 minutes
  • yields 10 images posted online 2 weeks after your session.
  • Includes one high-resolution digital file of your choice.
  • Enables you to order additional individual prints and digital files.

Ready to book a spot?

Click on the Headshot Days link here and select the time slot that works best for you.

We’ll help you check “headshot” of your to-do list! Holler if you have questions.


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